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Veterinary Care Services

Pet Care and Wellness

A complete physical examination is important for maintaining a happy and healthy pet. We recommend regular examinations and vaccinations to ensure optimal health for your pet in our veterinary hospital. Our experienced vets will conduct a full and thorough medical history, followed by a complete physical exam. Our examinations are customized for each pet based on age, breed, species and potential health concerns.

Pet Care & Wellness

Pet Vaccinations

Our vaccination recommendations are tailored to each individual pet with careful attention to recognized risk factors and environmental factors. Regular heartworm and parasite prevention is recommended for all pets. Older pets, receive semi-annual exams and should be tested to screen for early signs of disease. With recent advances in veterinary medicine, many medical conditions, when detected early, can be properly diagnosed and effectively managed in a veterinary clinic. Because may pet vaccines have a limited lifespan, annual wellness checkups will ensure your pets are protected against preventable diseases.

Pet Vaccinations

Stem Cell Therapy

Advanced stem cell therapy uses your pet’s own stem cells for treatment. This is called Autologous Therapy – when the stem cells come from your own body’s tissues. There are no ethical or moral concerns with the use of stem cells from one’s own body as these cells are adult and not embryonic. United Veterinary Center’s advancement in technology allows us to utilize the body’s own regenerative capabilities with our proprietary treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment

Exotic Pets & Rabbit Medicine

United Vet Center provides quality veterinary care for a variety of exotic pets. We are highly experienced treating ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, small rodents, and various exotic animals. We provide annual physical exams, ongoing wellness care and specialty veterinary services. Our expert staff can help you properly care for your exotic pet.

Dr. Stanzione is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the complex field of rabbit medicine. Dr. Stanzione has authored many research articles in prominent journals and publications and lectures widely on the subject of rabbit medicine and exotic pet care.

Exotic Animal Vet

Laboratory Services

United Vet Center has a state of the art, in-house laboratory facility equipped with the most modern diagnostic technology. We are able to offer our patients complete blood work and organ function testing, urinalysis, and parasitology screenings. Areas of laboratory testing include:

  • Hematology
  • Urinalysis
  • Specialized blood profiles
  • Microbiology
  • Allergy testing
  • Parasitology
  • Histopathology and cytology

Lab Services

Diagnostic Imaging

United Vet Center offers on-site radiology and advanced ultrasound services. Dr. Stanzione is widely recognized as one of the leading experts in ultrasound technology and diagnosis, and regularly performs abdominal ultrasounds, endoscopy and echocardiograms. We have state-of-the-art digital radiography enabling our doctors and specialists to provide patients with more rapid and accurate interpretation than ever before.



At United Vet Center our experienced veterinary surgeons perform procedures ranging from routine spay and neuters to more advanced surgeries such as cruciate ligament repairs and orthopedic surgeries. Our anesthetized patients benefit from close interpretative monitoring including EKGs, blood pressure monitoring, and pulse oximetry. All patients are examined prior to anesthesia and receive pre-operative bloodwork as needed, as well as pain medication prior to and following the procedure and close monitoring post-surgery to ensure a speedy and successful recovery.


Identification Microchips

At United Vet Center we specialize in the implantation of identification microchips to assist in the rescue and recovery of lost pets. Microchips are implanted just under the skin by an experienced veterinarian and the simple, outpatient process doesn’t require any anesthesia. Identification microchips, along with registration, is one of the most effective ways to find your pet in case your pet loses his collar and tags and is recommended by nearly all doctors and pet experts.

Microchipping Pets


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